Married, middle-aged, menopausal and mean with it, married to keep-fit and cycle-sportive fanatic; living with dog, cat (new model), with student son making waves in the realms of English lit and daughter newly launched on the graphic design scene. Half Scottish, (Gunn clan. Motto:"Either peace or war!" ) with a touch of Welsh and French somewhere in the mix, I'm a quiet, retiring, MBTI INFP, Enneagram Type 6 (no, it's not a label), cleaner up of other folks messes and part-time mature student. Member of TSSF - The Society of St Francis (Franciscan Third Order)


books, books, books, procrastination, long-distance walking, books, pilgrimage, spiritual direction, books, singing, books, God thoughts, Nice Cups of Tea, books, art journaling, contemplative prayer, tents, people watching... (did I say books?)